• Cabin FILTER

        The main function of air filter is to filter out through various particulate air conditioning and ventilation system in the air and toxic gases . Said the image point , it is like the breath lung , conveying air to the inside . If the use

        Cabin FILTER
      • Fuel FILTER

        There are various impurities in gasoline tank in general , long time use will precipitate some dirt , the above reasons will affect the quality of gasoline . Gasoline filter s role is to filter out the fuel gas system in the iron oxide , d

        Fuel FILTER
      • Air FILTER

        Auto air filter is a device is mainly responsible for the removal of particulates in the air of impurities . Piston type mechanical ( internal combustion , reciprocating compressor etc.) work, if inhaled impurities in the air containing du

        Air FILTER
      • OIL FILTER

        Auto oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system . Auto oil filter function is to filter out harmful impurities from the oil sump oil , to clean the oil supply crankshaft , connecting rod , cam shaft , turbocharger , piston ring

        OIL FILTER

      The integrity of all letter from the world

            To be honest and loyalty to every customer, reputation to win the trust of every one of the friends, believe a man to do in advance for the business of the road, adhere to the integrity and development, good faith to customers, integrity in the staff.

      Science and technology is the first productivity

            Respecting science, talent, quality, tree detail. Led by science and technology revolution, technology development, continuous innovation, never satisfied, and strive to achieve the goal of innovation of science and technology enterprises, strong enterprise.

      Cultivate the talents to create wealth

            Dedication to society both moral and ability of the employees are the company's wealth, but the wealth of society, wealth is the staff collective creation, has the talent, just real wealth, to undertake the social responsibility of the enterprise wide.

      Talent and achievements of the future details determine success or failure

            Advocate the management thought, to people-oriented, take the quality as the core, in order to implement the measures, the enterprise culture to all aspects of the business, to highlight the nuances of Phoenix spirit.

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